Dea, Indie & Luke   Dea & Indie  

Shathena's Paris & Shathena's Quinta

Shathena's Lovely Indie of Dea & Shathena's Luke of Dea

Shathena's Just Summer & Shathena's Hot'n Pink Cera


Shathena's Nemi of Kiara & Shathena's Jewel of Kiara

  Shathena's Lovely Indie & Shathena's Lady Poki

Shathena's Hot'n Pink Cera & Shathena's Hudson Hawk


Mist and her daugther Kira


Dea and her daugther Indie


Shathena's Lady Poki of Dea & Shathena's Lovely Indie of Dea. photo ┼sta Viks°y


Pearl with 5 of her children, 3 from H-litter & 2
from J-litter


Dea and Jewel


Shathena's F litter 4 years old, Fast & Felix, Fast & Fabulous, Fast & Funky, Fast & Furious


Photo from Iv° Sweden. Pearl and 5 children


Shathena's Lovel Indie of Dea & Shathena's Lady Poki of Dea


Shathena's Black Pearl with her 2 daughters
Shathenas Hot'n Pink Cera, Shathenas Just Summer

Photo; ┼sta Viks°y   Photo; ┼sta Viks°y  

Litter from Mellsj°H°gda's After Dark & Kiara
Photo: ┼sta Viks°y.


3 sisters Nemi, Mist & Jewel, Photo: ┼sta Viks°y.


Shathenas Dea of Kiara & Shathenas Enya of Mist
Photo; ┼sta Viks°y


3 siblings from F-litter, Photo; ┼sta Viks°y


Three generations


December 2012


Three brothers: Shathenas Hunter, Harley, Hudson


Shathenas Hunter & Chichla's Gucci


Gucci and her daughter Gracie


Dea and Dora


Kira and 5 daughters


Mist and Jewel


Shathena's Hunter and his dad Aras De Bruine Buck


Athena, Kasanga, Kiara & Ask


Athena and her dauther Pearl


Athena & Pearl


Shathena's Black Angel & Shathena's Black Shadow


On a trip with good friends


Athena & Kiara


Shathena's Fast & Fabulous of Kiara & Shathena's Fast & Funky of Kiara, 4 years old



Athena & Kiara


Henriette & Kasanga

  Hunter &Harley



Cichla's Gucci and her
dauther Shathena's
Ginny Made in Greece



Ask, Gucci & Athena


Nadjarah's Athena & Cichla's Gucci


Nadjarah's Aiko " Ask"

  Nadjarah's Athena, Cichla's Gucci & Nadjarah's Aiko  

Athena and her brother Ask


Kiara and her dauther Dea


My brother's dog


Pearl, Hunter & Athena


Shathena's Enya of Mist & Shathena's Jewel of Kiara


Nadjarah's Aico


Gracie and her mother Gucci